Wednesday, 20th January 2021

Mutant Covid could protect us against evil Covid like the X-Men

SUPERHERO fans has theorised that the new mutant Covid could be protecting us even though hated and feared by humanity, like the X-Men. 

The mutant Covid is spreading throughout London and the South-East, meaning it must be superior to other forms of Covid, and comics geeks believe they know why.

Nathan Muir of Croydon said: “We must not condemn this new, more powerful mutant Covid. It is here to protect us.

“Like Cyclops, Professor X and the rest, it is only misunderstood. It mutated as a response to the evil original, which like Magneto only wants to see humanity bow down before it.

“But X-Covid stands in its way, no matter what the cost to itself, even though humans don’t recognise its nobility and persecute it, forcing it to flee the authorities and their ‘cure’.

“We should embrace X-Covid as our hero trusting that it will save us from the bad Covid, like the X-Men saved the world from Apocalypse.”

He added: “I only hope it doesn’t mutate and multiply as fast as the real X-Men do. There’s millions of them. We’d be f**ked.”