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I would rather have starred in Barbie, says Cillian Murphy

OPPENHEIMER star Cillian Murphy has admitted wishing he and Margot Robbie had swapped roles and she had played the boring nuclear scientist. 

Murphy, who is nominated for an Oscar, told press that he auditioned for Barbie but was passed over and had to do Oppenheimer for the money.

He continued: “Frankly, Robbie hasn’t got the chops for such a meaty role. But she looks good in a fedora which is all you need for a Christopher Nolan popcorn movie.

“As Barbie, I’d have f**king slayed. There would have been an edge of darkness to the comedy, a glimpse of the howling void beneath the dream house. And Gosling and I have got chemistry she can’t even dream of.

“But instead I’m running around doing the mandatory sex scenes and big explosions in a summer blockbuster that’s so formulaic you’ve forgotten the plot by the time the credits are rolling.

“That crucial Neighbours background means everyone respects her as an actor, while I’m most famous for playing a flat-capped psychopath in a forgettable BBC drama. I would have owned that role. Hollywood just doesn’t give men a chance.”

Robbie said: “I turned down Oppenheimer. I’m better than that.”