EU taxpayers okay with not letting people drown

FINDING some room for migrants is preferable to letting them drown, EU taxpayers have stressed.

As EU officials met to decide whether they will continue to let people drown in the Mediterranean, citizens across the continent said it was okay to use some of their tax money to stop it.

Martin Bishop from Stevenage, said: “Yeah sure, limited resources, blah blah blah, but at what point did those of us who are not completely unhinged say it was okay to let people die?

“Could you maybe just fix that? Today.”

Bruno Jannetti, from Milan, added: “Some people say the EU is too detached from its citizens. I’m starting to see what they mean.

“I grant you, a higher percentage than normal have been voting for simplistic, xenophobic bastards recently, but most of us didn’t. So could you maybe just take some of my money and pack it in with the abject fucking cruelty?

“If that’s okay with you?”