Humanity a bit concerned that its leaders are completely insane

THE human race has expressed concern that everyone in charge appears to be utterly demented.

Following last week’s flurry of weapons and clashing egos, many human beings have been wondering why sane people aren’t in charge.

Homo sapiens Roy Hobbs said: “I feel like, overall, most people aren’t insane but the people in charge are, so maybe we need to look at that.

“If you consider the advances our species has made in things like medicine, art and quantum science, you’d think we could find some quality people to run the show. We need to have a meeting about this otherwise bad stuff could happen.

“I suggest we get rid of these shark-eyed god-emperors and maybe just let Tom Hanks run everything, perhaps with help from some kind old ladies and dolphins.”

Mother-of-two Susan Traherne said: “Trump and Putin are obviously insane, Kim Jong-un is deeply unwell and I’m fairly sure Theresa May spends a good amount of time curled up in the fetal position under a heap of designer shoes.

“I think when we’re choosing leaders we should put ‘not insane’ as one of the top criteria, definitely above ‘says threatening things in a funny way’ and ‘cool eyebrows’.”