Trump confirms this is going to be completely f**king insane

DONALD Trump has confirmed that the next four years are going to be as fucked up as his campaign.

After being sworn in as the Republic candidate for 2020, a furious, foaming Trump told a rally in Washington that he is going to do a series of things that cannot possibly happen.

Waving his weird, tiny hands as if he was controlled by a slightly drunk puppeteer, Candidate Trump said: “I hate America. It’s a really, really bad place.

“But don’t worry because four years from now you will all be rich, thin and famous. So famous. So famous.”

He added: “If anyone tries to stop me, I know you, the great multi-coloured American people, will want me to have them killed in a really spectacular fashion. It will be so amazing.”

After speaking for almost 28 times longer than his normal attention span, Trump declared: “I am bored of talking to you now and I really need to urinate.”