World Economic Forum agrees Pringles too expensive

THE World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos to discuss what can be done about the rising cost of Pringles.

Also on the agenda will be uneven distribution of flavour dust, who exactly buys the paprika ones, and whether governments should push the anti-obesity message that ‘once you have popped you are able to stop’.

WEF chair Eleanor Shaw said: “So much stuff needs sorting in the world, but first we must decide if Pringles can maintain pricing and tube size when they’re only two-thirds full.

“This touches on everything – the environment, inequality, the thorny issue of uses for the empty tube.”

Delegates feared the conference would be derailed when Bono arrived wearing the leather trousers of a much younger man, but the U2 star only demanded a limited edition steak and Guinness flavour.

A UK government minister said: “I hoped there would be time to get all the countries around the table and finally stabilise the dimensions of Funsize Mars Bars, but Pringles are a global brand and have to come first.”

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Rennard scandal could hopefully destroy Lib Dems

THE scandal surrounding Lord Rennard could bring an end to the Lib Dems, it was hoped last night.

As Rennard and self-styled deputy prime minister Nick Clegg exchanged warnings, experts said it would be great if it resulted in disaster for the party because Lib Dems are dreadful.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “This scandal is very typically Lib Dem because it involves a lot of unbearable people.

“On the one hand Lord Rennard is exposing the weakness of Nick Clegg’s leadership while on the other hand they should all go away and never, ever come back.”

He added: “Some say ‘be careful what you wish for’, but that doesn’t apply in this case because it’s about the Lib Dems ceasing to exist.”