Saturday, 4th July 2020

Couple inviting people to wedding evening do admit they're just padding

A COUPLE inviting people to only the evening bit of their wedding have revealed they just want the place to look busy.

Nikki Hollis and Martin Bishop have asked people they actually give a sh*t about to join them for the whole day, but made a separate list of people to fill up the dance floor later.

Hollis said: “There’ll be a natural drop in attendance throughout the day as the old codgers get tired and go home, but we don’t want the evening reception to look thin in the pictures so we’ve invited a load of also-rans to make up the numbers.

“There’ll be a few people I haven’t spoken to for years who are surprised to get an invite, but they’ll think I’m trying to reignite our friendship and be flattered enough to come. 

“I’m not, of course. I’ll go back to ignoring their Facebook messages the moment my honeymoon begins.”

Evening invitee Emma Bradford said: “I’ve always hated Nikki but I’m happy to get p*ssed for free and make a total embarrassment of myself dancing to 'Oops Upside Your Head' before throwing up on the dance floor.

“That’ll teach her.”