Friday, 5th June 2020

Fully-grown adults sign birthday card from dog

A MARRIED couple in their thirties have written their dog’s name in childlike writing in a friend’s birthday card and drawn a paw print next to it. 

Eleanor and Mike Shaw, both civil servants employed in key governmental roles, sign all greetings cards from their French bulldog Coco, but use their left hands ‘so it looks like she could have written it’.

Eleanor commented: “I draw the paw print in purple because that’s her favourite colour.

“All our friends and family know Coco, so if we hadn’t included her in our friend Tom’s birthday card this week, he might have worried she was in a huff with him.

“Which she isn’t. Even though he always sits in her chair.”

Card recipient Tom Logan said: “I think they truly believe the dog would feel left out if she wasn’t included in the card.

“They announced Eleanor’s pregnancy with a picture of Coco wearing a ‘Big sister to be’ jumper. Is it just me or is that insane?”