‘Going somewhere?’ voted last thing hostages want to hear after finally chewing through ropes

‘GOING somewhere?’ has been voted the last thing a hostage wants to hear after they have finally managed to chew through the rope that has held them captive for eight weeks.

The Institute for Studies found that ‘Going somewhere?’ was the choice of more than 60 percent of hostages with ‘Do you really think I’d leave the window unlocked?’ in second place.

In third place was ‘Well done’ accompanied by slow, sarcastic clapping.

Former hostage, Martin Bishop, said: “I spent ages chewing through the ropes, so when I finally got out of the chair and was about to open the window, hearing someone say, ‘Going somewhere?’ really was inconvenient to say the least.

“Totally ruined my afternoon, if I’m being honest.”

“But then a couple of days later I managed to struggle free and smash my kidnapper over the head with a heavy typewriter, so it all worked out fine.”