Life coaching basically rent-a-friend, life coaches confirm

LIFE coaching is essentially renting a friend, life coaches have confirmed.

In a statement, those working within the profession took pains to differentiate themselves from therapists, counsellors and psychologists.

Life coach Nikki Hollis explained: “We’re not weighed down with all that studying and learning and understanding of psychology.

“I became a life coach when I started calling myself one and made a website. I’m fully qualified to listen and nod and sometimes offer herbal tea.”

She added that her many lonely and suggestible clients found her services – which cost £90 an hour – very beneficial.

Meanwhile, fellow life coach Roy Hobbs runs “radical action” sessions, encouraging people with more money than sense to get off their arses and do things they want to do, much like a friend would.

He said: “It’s true, I am absolutely like a friend, the best one you’ll ever have.

“Except I’m charging 200 quid for a session and I honestly couldn’t give shit. I just really hated my old office job.”