Wednesday, 5th August 2020

Middle-aged man reaches weird shed obsession phase

A MAN’S friends and family are becoming increasingly concerned by the amount of time he is spending doing mysterious things in his shed.

Bill McKay, 52, has raised eyebrows with his desire to isolate himself from his family to spend time in that is essentially a landfill of old garden equipment in a wooden hut.

McKay’s wife Susan said: “He says he’s refurbishing it and there was some muttering about a bar, though so far he’s just keeping some bottles of Doom Bar in a dirty old sink.

“It’s probably a mid-life crisis, but I wish he could have gone down a more interesting route, like blowing our life savings on a Ferrari or getting into parkour.

“I thought there was a glimmer of hope when I noticed he’d been sneaking glue into the shed but it turned out he’d been using it to construct a scale model of the Forth Bridge out of matchsticks.

“I genuinely would rather have found out he’d been sniffing it.”