Monday, 10th May 2021

Poetry, and four other things people pretend to be into to get laid

SUCCESSFULLY appearing attractive is impossible by just being yourself. Pretending to like these things will make you more shaggable: 


In order to appear discerning and cultured, you only use the word ‘film’ when talking about movies for the first few dates. You just hope that you hook up before you’re rumbled and they find out that the ‘library of cinema’ you referenced actually consists of a blu-ray of The Matrix and the Big Momma’s House franchise on DVD.


To appear daring and exciting, you’ll pretend that a typical weekend for you consists of scuba-diving, wind-surfing and fell running. If you do end up hooking up with this person, you better hope that they’re also actually terrified of the outside world and spend all their time slumped in front of Netflix too.


There is a certain type of person, typically a guy, who boasts they love to cook as a way of showing how cultured they are. While they want you to think they’re bordering on getting a Michelin star, in reality they can barely make beans on toast without burning the beans and the toast.


To make yourself seem compassionate and sensitive claim that you love poetry. Best case scenario: the other person takes you at face value and this never comes up again. Worst case scenario: they’re actually into poetry and suddenly you’re wildly out of your depth, trapped in a conversation about TS Eliot’s The Wasteland you’re not even close to equipped for.

Long walks by the beach

A classic romantic move when you’re trying to show that you have a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. In fact, you hate the idea of going somewhere where your shoes and socks fill with sand while you struggle to make a conversation over a howling gale but it’s what you’re meant to do, isn’t it.