32-year-old admits she doesn’t understand GIFs

A 32-YEAR-OLD woman has confessed to close friends that she is completely GIF-illiterate. 

Data manager Carolyn Ryan says that when she is sent a short GIF of Taylor Swift waving her arms at the Grammys in response to a Facebook comment, she has absolutely no idea what it means.

Ryan said: “The first time I received a moving image of Rihanna at a basketball game that appeared to have no relevance to anything, I was baffled.

“But when I asked if anyone knew what it was about and they all found it hilarious, I pretended I did too.

“For a while I could still follow things by picking up context from occasional emojis, but now the majority of conversations are all-GIF.

“I missed my own hen night last week because the meeting place was changed, which I was meant to get from GIFs of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls and Leonardo DiCaprio looking disappointed.

“Please help me. I’m lost in a silent, jerky, endlessly-repeating world I don’t understand.”

Ryan’s friend Eleanor Shaw said: “She can’t read? All this time and she can’t read?

“I’ve sent her the Tyra Banks GIF. It’s the only way I can explain how I feel.”