3D printers ‘a total pile of shit’

THREE-dimensional printers are obviously a complete waste of time, it has emerged.

These can now be made more efficiently

As ‘crowd-funding’ website Kickstarter was sued for its promotion of a 3D printer, experts said the technology may be the stupidest, most over-hyped piece of shit since 3D films.

Technologist Tom LoganĀ  said: “They are great if what you really want is an intricate lump of plastic.

“So by all means, print a scale model of a hobbit. And then paint it. And then be proud of yourself.

“Have you seen the printed ‘bike’? It’s actually worse than the first bike ever made. Imagine what riding it could do to your balls.

“The thing about a bike is that the tyres need to be made from something that is not as hard as the thing you used to make the handlebars.

“What you’ve got there is a statue of a bike.”

He added: “I can’t wait for the 3D film that is basically just CGI representations of things made by a 3D printer. And I sense James Cameron may be way ahead of me.”

But Logan admitted that 3D printers could change everything, as long as we all want to live in a world where only eight people have a job and we all want to buy things that are not very good.