Electric car owner excited to spend quality time in tow truck

THE owner of a new electric car is excited about being towed everywhere.

Speaking from the cab of a recovery vehicle, Julian Cook said: “Who knew that buying a battery-powered car in a country with barely any electric car charging infrastructure would lead to me getting stuck so often?

“At least I get to stand around charging points loudly talking to other electric car owners about how we’re saving the planet, and complaining about ICErs – that’s internal combustion engine drivers who always park at our special charging points like school bullies.

“Another bonus is just how many exciting tow-truck rescues I get to experience. For most people, that’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but I do it about three times a week.

He added: “The tow truck drivers even have their own nickname for me, it’s ‘Not This Bloody Idiot Again’.”