Thursday, 13th May 2021

New app notifies you that you have no new notifications every 30 seconds

A TECH start-up has launched a new app that notifies you every 30 seconds that you do not receive notifications, saving you checking for yourself. 

Nottiffyr checks your social media for any notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, texts, emails and even calls, and updates you twice a minute to confirm you have nothing new since last time it notified you.

Start-up head Tom Logan said: “I was checking my phone the other day, no more than 15 seconds after I’d last checked it, when I thought: wait. Why isn’t there an app for this?

“Our research concluded that it’s not really about the content of the message or what the notification might mean, people just want the endorphin rush of their phone dinging.

“So we just decided to cut out the middleman, get rid of the need to actually be texted, and created an app that makes your phone light up every 30 seconds, regardless of whether you have any messages or not.

“That way you still get the rush of checking your phone constantly without having to rely on other people to like your photos or text you back. We think it’s the perfect substitute to watching the news.”

User Francesca Johnson said: “It’s fantastic to know I’m never more than 30 seconds away from a buzz and an excuse to end conversations. Plus it carries on all night.”