Number of years you’ve been alive 'tells you how old you really are'

SCIENTISTS have developed a new ‘age test’ based on when you were born.

Researchers at the Institute for Studies believe they have developed the definitive test of a person’s biological age, which is based on their birth date.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “We’ve seen dozens of internet tests purporting to tell you how old you really are, but none as accurate as this.

“To do it at home, simply add up the number of years you’ve been alive. For example, if you’ve been alive for 46 years, you are 46.”

59-year-old Julian Cook said: “This explains why I’ve been feeling a bit knackered lately.

“It’s because I was born an increasingly long time ago.”

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Man suddenly seems to be Welsh

A MAN with no obvious signs of Welsh heritage has positioned a Welsh dragon cuddly toy on his desk, it has been noted.

Tom Logan, a paralegal in the City of London, does not speak with a Welsh accent and is known to have been born in Guildford, but over the last few days he has begun to make increasingly bold statements of Welsh identity.

The arrival of the dragon holding a leek on his desk has coincided with the most exciting period of the Welsh football team’s recent history.

Colleague Wayne Hayes said: “When Tom started crowing about the big game, I presumed he was unusually excited by England against San Marino.

“But then it suddenly clicked that he’d been talking about his nan’s cousin in Prestatyn a lot and referring to cheese on toast as ‘rarebit’. He seemed to mean Wales v Israel.

“He also put on a male voice choir version of ‘Bread of Heaven’ and mumbled along with some of the words. I dread to think how Welsh he’ll get if they secure qualification.”

However, some colleagues doubted Logan’s Welsh heritage citing the small Scottish flag he displayed in his cubicle ahead of last year’s independence referendum.

Emma Bradford said: “I thought Tom might’ve been Irish. On St Patrick’s Day he yes very passionate and drunk. Then again, during the World Cup I’m pretty sure he said his mother was both German and Argentinian.”