People discovered who drink wine for its flavour

THERE are people who enjoy wine as something other than a means of getting wasted, it has been claimed.

Researchers found that some consumers of wine, a sour fruit-based liquid that carries alcohol into the bloodstream, only drink relatively small amounts claiming an ‘appreciation’ of its flavour.

 Professor Henry Brubaker at The Institute for Studies said: “Apparently there are some people for whom the taste and smell of wine is a bigger deal than getting wasted. Bet they don’t have kids or stressful jobs.

“Some of them even claim it tastes of tree bark or summer meadows. What a lot of bollocks.

“Give a glass of wine to a child, as many parents do at bedtime and rightly so, and they will candidly tell you it tastes like berries and urine. The only way to make any of it taste acceptable is to add lots of lemonade.

Wine appreciator or ‘oenophile’ Nikki Hollis said: “A great glass of wine tells a story.

“Often that story is ‘drink more of me, I will get you pissed’.”