Christ got crucified very early this year

EASTER takes place a week before the end of March because Jesus was crucified very early this year 1,986 years ago.

The festival is one of the moveable feasts of the Christian calendar, often confusing people who are used to historical events remaining on a fixed date.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said: “Sometimes Jesus was crucified by the Romans well into a balmy Middle Eastern spring, and sometimes only just out of winter.

“The exact date – and consequently the length of that year’s Creme Egg window – depends very much on the ineffable mood of God.

“Yes, normally when people die that date remains the same year on year, but Jesus was not like other people. He was a magic man.”

The Archbishop added: “Christianity’s not just mumbo-jumbo. It all makes perfect, logical sense. I think a lot more people would come to church if they knew that.”