Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Dad putting toddler to bed wakes up three days later

A DAD putting his toddler to sleep then fell unconscious with a book on his lap for 72 hours, he has admitted. 

Tom Logan read a story to two-year-old Jamie and agreed to stay in his bedroom to ‘keep him company’ on Saturday evening, and regained consciousness late on Monday afternoon.

He said: “I told her I’d stay just while he drifted off to sleep. I held her little hand in mine. I thought about the takeaway and three bottles of wine me and Mummy were going to have later on, and that’s the last thing I remember.

“One minute I was fielding inane questions like ‘Why do we have armpits, Daddy?’, next I’d blacked out. Could she have put something in my drink? Would a toddler be capable of something like that?

“I do feel refreshed. I also feel like I’ve missed out on a big chunk of my life just because I have a child. More so than usual, I mean.”

Wife Lindsey said: “I considered waking him up but then I thought nah, all the more wine for me and I get to choose the film. It was a great night.”