Everybody wondering if it’s okay to change profile back now

NO-ONE wants to be the first to remove the Pride rainbow from their Facebook picture, it has emerged.

Millions of people added rainbow stripes to their profile image over the weekend, to show their support for LGBT rights in a way that did not require them to get up from their computers.

Sales manager Mary Fisher said: “Of course I support equality, but my old picture used a very flattering Instagram filter. This one makes me look simultaneously seasick, jaundiced and sunburned.

“I can’t change it back though in case everybody thinks I’ve suddenly become a massive homophobe. I might as well put up a selfie with Vladimir Putin.”   

Tom Logan, from Chesterfield, said: “My nephew’s already ditched his rainbow filter picture but he’s actually gay so nobody’s going to call him a bigot.

“Ideally there’d be a signal for when we can get rid of it without anyone thinking less of us. Maybe Ian McKellen could send a mass email titled ‘Rainbow down if you like, nice one guys’, or something?

“Or am I stuck with this until I get a new cat or have a baby?”