Family wrong to assume they could amuse themselves during power cut

A FAMILY was stupidly optimistic about being able to keep themselves entertained without electricity, it has emerged.

After storms cut off their power, the Sheridan family quickly realised that interacting with each other and using their imaginations were no substitute for TV, video games and compulsively checking their email.

Mum, Donna Sheridan, said: “We tried a game of charades, which involved my husband waving his hands around for ages and then claiming it was ‘obvious’ he was doing a film called ‘Batman Attacks’.

“Then we tried telling ghost stories by candlelight. My son Ben claimed he knew ‘a good one’, but after 10 minutes of rambling about Satan and a dog I realised it was the plot of The Omen.

“After our phones ran out, we attempted to make our own version of Candy Crush Saga with a tin of Quality Street and a hammer, but we just ended up destroying the coffee table.”

Out of desperation, Sheridan suggested the family try ‘making things’. They then used toilet roll tubes and crepe paper to make ‘angels’ for the Christmas tree which were ‘so shit they were immediately put in the bin’.

She added: “Luckily the power came back on before my husband could get the Bontempi organ and his Bob Dylan songbook out of the loft. It was a Christmas miracle.”