Father praised for looking after child for four whole hours

A MAN has won plaudits for looking after his daughter for a whole afternoon without supervision from his wife.

Tom Logan watched his three-year old from 1pm until nearly teatime all by himself, an experience he described as “exhausting but strangely uplifting”.

Logan said: “I got to spend some quality time with little Amber watching television, and my wife had more time to prepare dinner, so it was win-win all round.

“Persuading Amber to switch from Teletubbies to Breaking Bad wasn’t easy, and I had to keep explaining the plot, but I think she’ll thank me one day.”

Logan added: “I’d like to think I’m an inspiration to other modern, progressive dads who want to help raise their children from time to time.”

Logan’s wife Sarah said: “Here we are, four hours later, and she’s still alive, if a bit traumatised by Breaking Bad. He really is very special.”