Gay cake converted entire tray of bread rolls to homosexuality

A GAY wedding cake has turned some bread rolls gay after being left beside them on a bakery counter.

Seeded bap Tom Booker was one of 18 identical bread rolls left to cool beside a homosexual cake made for a gay wedding.

Booker said: “The cake was asking us what sort of music we were into. I said classic rock, like Fleetwood Mac and Dire Straits, and it laughed then suggested should I check out Scissor Sisters and 80s hi-NRG disco.

“As the chat progressed it asked if I had ever been with a man bap. I said that was wrong but the cake said that’s just what the baker tells you to make you behave around customers.”

Baker Norman Steele said: “I came in to pick up the cake and all the bread rolls were having gay sex with each other.

“The way that works is that two bread rolls squeeze together like buttocks and another one gets in between and makes groaning noises.

“I can’t sell them now.”