Friday, 30th October 2020

Last mum to correct her children's Americanisms gives up

THE last British mum who dutifully corrects her children’s Americanisms has finally given up.

Carolyn Ryan has been trying to maintain standards, but has now conceded defeat after a barrage of American English from her two young daughters.

Ryan said: “Every conversation with my kids is, ‘Can we watch a movie? And can I have some candy? Or a cupcake with frosting?’

“At first you firmly say, ‘No, but you can watch a film with some sweets, or a fairy cake with icing’. But then they don’t understand you.

“It’s a losing battle. I managed to get them to stop saying ‘pants’ meaning trousers briefly, but yesterday the oldest one upped her game by saying she’d ‘got smarts’. I almost threw up.

“You can keep banging on about proper English but they’ll just think you’ve lost it and tell you about their friend’s mum who has, apparently, ‘gotten therapy’. So I’ve given up.”

After being interrupted by her daughter Daisy, Ryan added: “Quit bugging me. Let’s go to the store for cookies. Put your sneakers on.”