Lottery winner blows it all on week at Center Parcs

A MAN who won £5.3 million in last week’s National Lottery has spent the lot taking himself and his family for a week in a Nottingham Center Parcs. 

Nathan Muir of Leicester conceded that it may not have been the most sensible financial decision but that it was worth it to ‘live the dream’ for seven days. 

He said: “We did it all. Archery, falconry, lunch at Bella Italia and dinner at Las Iguanas. Money was no object. 

“We had an executive lodge – two-storey – and if the kids wanted to go kayaking, we did it. When the wife wanted the spa, I booked her in. We even did our shopping at ParcMarket. 

“I knew I was burning through my millions in days but it didn’t matter to me. What’s a lifetime of financial security compared to a week in paradise? 

“It’s all gone now, and I’m not sorry. I’ve gone back to my life as a lathe operator and the kids are back in school, but we’ll all remember that time we touched heaven. When we were the kings of the Parcs.” 

A Center Parcs spokesman said: “Unfortunately, Mr Muir left without paying his car park fees. We will be repossessing his house.”