Man who did Spanish GCSE will handle tapas order

A MAN who got a B in GSCE Spanish has taken charge of ordering for his date in La Tasca.

Tom Logan, a 28-year old marketing manager, summoned his server by calling out ‘Exculpa me, senorita’, loudly enough for several other tables to hear and admire his command of the language.

As the waitress approached, Logan turned to his partner, 27-year old Nikki Hollis, and said that he would order for both of them, because he spoke Spanish.

Logan then read off a number of dishes from the menu, making a point of asking about ‘los especiales del dia’, and nodding sagely before ordering ‘dos cervezas’ instead.

He said: “I didn’t want Nikki to feel embarrassed about not being a Spanish speaker, so I stepped up and ordered ‘calamares’, which is like calamari, and ‘patatas bravas’, which means, ‘good potatoes’.

“I also ordered something called ‘bocadillos’, which was different to what I expected, but I explained that Spanish cuisine has a lot of regional variations. I don’t know what Nikki would have done without me here to translate.”

Hollis said: “Everything on the menu has an English description underneath.”