Man who introduces himself with 'I'm an atheist' not much fun at parties

A MAN who immediately tells people he does not believe in god or organised religion is not a barrel of laughs to talk to.

Despite agreeing with Martin Bishop’s views on deism, evolution and religious fundamentalism, an increasing number of people do not want to get stuck with him at a party.

New neighbour Julian Cook said: “At my housewarming party I thought it was interesting that Martin immediately said he was an atheist. I was wrong. It was not interesting.

“I was hoping for a bit of small talk while I got to know people, but Martin insisted on telling me that a loving god would not allow babies to be born with terrible deformities. I don’t wish to sound shallow, but I really needed to get the dips out.

“Also I do already know religion can have bad effects because I’m not totally unaware of the events of the past 2,000 years.”

Party guest Donna Sheridan said: “Martin’s nice, but at a party I’d have preferred to take the piss out of Love Island than discuss contradictions in the Old Testament.”

Bishop said: “There’s nothing that gets a party going like an in-depth discussion of why Jesus probably never existed.”

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