New mum trapped in Whatsapp group

A NEW mum’s entire life has been taken over by a Whatsapp group about baby buggies, it has emerged.

Emma Bradford cannot leave the ‘Well Buggy Me’ group because she would hurt a vague acquaintance’s feelings, but is reading up to 183 messages a day and has not had a non-buggy related thought since mid-January.

Bradford said: “I used to read books and consider philosophical questions. Now my time is spent wondering if the Upper Baby Cruz is better than the Bugaboo Bee.

“I have essentially become the group, and the only possible escape is death.

“But I have a child to raise and most importantly I’ve just joined another Whatsapp chat about potty training.”

She added: “By the way, the Bugaboo is easier to fold up and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar.”