Pretty girl in summer dress is most depressing sight imaginable

AN attractive young woman in a pretty summer dress is putting men and woman alike in a terrible mood.

The unidentified pretty girl was described by onlookers as having an utterly carefree manner. She exuded youth, beauty and an innocent sensuality.

36-year-old Tom Logan said: “She was like a lovely living statue or some nymph from Welsh mythology, a beautiful mystical thing.

“However I am tired, old and miserable. She would rather die than glance at me.

“I hate myself and my tired lust.”

Office worker Emma Bradford said: “I love her dress but I would definitely look a bit fat in it.

“By comparison I am a massive, sweaty sow. To hell with everything, I’m going to buy the biggest possible bag of Haribo and consume it in the toilet at work.”

Father-of-two Stephen Malley said: “I love my family but part of me now wants to abandon them. Summer is such a downer.”