'This is a witch hunt' says man who would have happily burnt women at stake 400 years ago

MEN are being subjected to a witch hunt according to a man who would have burnt a woman at the stake 400 years ago for turning down his sexual advances.

Norman Steele and his friends have cried ‘witch hunt’ in response to the ‘Me Too’  campaign in much the same way they would have cried ‘witchcraft’ at a woman in the 17th Century who objected to being groped.

Steele said: “Obviously our spiritual mentor Peter Hitchens has already put this more eloquently than I ever could, but it’s time to fight back.

“It’ll take a little bit more than a huge shift in societal consciousness to stop us doing what we want.”

Steele added: “Is there any chance we can just start accusing them of being witches again?”


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