Why my vile, abusive teenager shouldn't have been suspended from school because I don't want her at home either

YOU have suspended my daughter. You, who’s meant to be educating her for six hours a day but can’t cope with a bit of challenging behaviour. And now the vicious cow’s at home. 

It’s appalling you’ve shirked your responsibilities like this, which let me remind you I’ve paid for out of my taxes. What, have you never met a moody, foul-mouthed, hostile-to-authority teenager who lashes out before? Cowards.

She’s got to learn. She’s got to learn how to behave in situations antagonistic to her self-expression, as well as history and biology and all that shit. That’s why she needs to be in the classroom, not in my front room where I have to deal with it.

She tells me she was suspended for vaping during a lesson then throwing a chair at the teacher when he stopped her. Obviously not ideal, but perhaps the teacher could have handled it in a more tactful way by ignoring it?

If Elodie did need to be disciplined, it should have been done in school. It’s your duty, not mine. You’re the experts. You’ve got hundreds of kids, I’ve only got one.

But suspending her’s no punishment. You might not realise this, but she actually doesn’t like school. Not sending her’s like a reward. If you want to punish her you should keep her in later until after Pointless finishes.

You’ve let her down and now we’re in this mess, where she’s at home all day calling me a stupid old slag when she should be taking that aggression out on her peer group.

And I know you’ve said she can come back when she apologises to the teacher she supposedly wounded, but that’s actually very hard for her because she’s got her pride. So you need to be the bigger person and reverse this suspension.

Otherwise you’re jeopardising her future. And my present. With your help she can move on from this to bigger and better things, even if that is just more serious acts of grievous bodily harm.

I’m sending her in. Social services might arrest me if I don’t. And if she spends all day outside the gates, screaming abuse and throwing rocks, well, you created this situation. You reap the whirlwind.

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Major European city great place to get pissed, reports couple

A COUPLE on a citybreak have reported that Berlin is a marvellous location for getting absolutely shitfaced. 

Ryan Whittaker and Lucy Parry have flown to the German capital with the intention of exploring the city, soaking up the atmosphere and immersing themselves in its culture, by all of which they mean ‘getting drunk’.

Parry said: “Berlin’s brilliant. There’s a surprise around every corner, whether it’s a riverside bar, a rooftop bar or one of those bottle shops they have now. We love it.

“We arrived yesterday, in a fine mood after a cheeky couple at the airport and a few maintenance drinks on the plane, and took to it immediately. There’s something about sitting on the river with an Aperol spritz that’s so continental and sophisticated.

“And we had a fantastic night. Too often European cities are closing down by midnight, but Berliners really know how to party. We were out until 2am, roaring pissed, staggering around some square or other.

“I’d put it above Paris, because that’s too spread-out and often what you think is a bar is a restaurant and won’t serve you, but not quite up there with Prague, which has loads more old buildings for the background of selfies and a beer’s three Euros maximum. It was ace.”

Whittaker agreed: “We’re having a great time, apart from when we stumbled on this bit called Museumisland that’s all museums and no bars. That made us sad and scared.”