Woman sacked for not liking lattes

A WOMAN has been sacked for failing to embrace coffee culture.

27-year-old account manager Nikki Hollis admitted not being keen on coffee or having an opinion on which was the superior version of the drink.

Line manager Emma Bradford said Hollis’s negative attitude to coffee was affecting workplace morale:  “Everyone else arrives in the office gripping a Costa cup. Claire seems to do her entire commute without a hot beverage, and then comes in and makes herself a tea, and even then it’s English breakfast.

“I could almost forgive her if it were Earl Grey, or perhaps camomile and peppermint, but normal tea? What the fuck is that about?

“She’s playing some sort of mind game and I want no part of it.”

Bradford claims Hollis would occasionally go all day without a hot drink, and doesn’t even know what a Mocha Cotado is.

“It was so weird that she might as well have been riding a large dog around the office. We couldn’t hold department meetings because of her point-blank refusal to bring a coffee in with her.

“I pity the next firm that takes her on, to be honest. I can’t see her fitting in anywhere.”