Friday, 4th December 2020

Bizarre email reply actually answers question 'How are you?'

A STRANGE and frightening email reply actually includes a response to the original’s opening question, ‘How are you?’ 

Sales manager Tom Booker opened an email to Wayne Hayes with the traditional pleasantry but instead of it being ignored received a full, frank and unwanted response.

He said: “At first I wasn’t sure what I was reading, I thought I’d opened someone’s diary or something.

“Then I realised Wayne was actually telling me how he was. He wrote about how his knee had been playing him up and how he was feeling tired because the baby had been up in the night but otherwise okay?

“What am I meant to do with that information? I was just trying to soften the blow of asking him when his reports are coming over, and he thinks I’m genuine?”

Booker has admitted that he plans to avoid Wayne from now on in case an innocuous question triggers yet another outpouring of personal information.

He added: “I’m afraid to even say ‘Alright Wayne?’ in case I’m told about his issues with premature ejaculation. The man’s a freak.”