Sunday, 27th September 2020

Man working from home forced to hot desk with cat

A FREELANCER working from home is forced to share a workspace with his pet cat. 

Graphic designer Tom Logan has attempted to pull rank on four-year-old tabby Leonora by saying he needed the desk more, but was disdainfully dismissed.

He said: “Yeah, I have to get in pretty early in the morning if I want to get on the old iMac Pro workstation, or she’s asleep on it.

“The arrangement makes no fiscal sense. When I’m there, I’m using the machine’s tools to draft up logos, assemble images, typography, motion graphics.

“All she produces from walking on the keyboard is output like ‘xxxfhghhjlrlrltltltwqe’ and ‘ssbhltoalglglhltlu’ and then looking at me proudly like she’s produced some sort of vital mission statement.”

“I point out to her that this sort of gibberish isn’t going to put food in the bowl but there’s little point and frankly I spend far too much time talking to the cat as it is.

“Anyway, we’ve come to an arrangement. When she’s not at the computer she sits on the carpet and tends to her private parts and when I’m not, I do something similar.”