Office Christmas lunch not horribly awkward

A GROUP of workmates has had a Christmas lunch that was not unbearably awkward.

It is understood the office colleagues enjoyed several hours of relaxed camaraderie in a city centre bar.

A theory that the entire group was incredibly drunk was discounted after it emerged that each diner only consumed one alcoholic drink.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “The office Christmas lunch is a ritual marked by gritted teeth, awkward smiles, pissed, career-damaging speeches, pathetic unrequited lust, and embarrassing requited lust.

“The only way through it is to take regular trips to the toilet to hide and/or take drugs.”

He added: “It could be that these people are a one-off; a group of workmates who are entirely compatible both professionally and socially.

“Or they have all taken drugs.”