Dear Donna: I've surrounded myself with idiots and everyone hates me. How do I maintain my optimism?

DEAR Donna,

My high-profile job is at risk because I’ve surrounded myself with inept morons and pathetic toadies who are slowly turning against me. How can I lift my flagging spirits?

It all started so well. I swept into work on my first day buoyed up by smiling faces and cheering crowds. This was my dream job and I’d made loads of empty promises to get it.

I couldn’t do any wrong. Even when I f**ked up catastrophe after catastrophe, colleagues were always on my side, especially Nadine, who I admit is not all there. It was like I was bulletproof and I got drunk on the power.

Lots of unsavoury stories about me came out, and that’s when the mood started to turn. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve been a bit of an arse and people are actually holding me to account for it! Unbelievable, I know.

They tried to boot me out but I stood firm. Now even more people are telling me to leave and I’m worried that the idiots in my team might have woken up to the fact I’m a fat, useless bluffer. What should I do?

‘Alex’ of London

Donna replies: It’s easy to blame others when you yourself are at fault. Have you considered that your ineptitude is the cause of your lack of optimism? Maybe you should lay off the wine and try and do five minutes work for once in your life.

As for winning over your colleagues, that usually requires a degree of humility. Have you tried a sincere apology? If that doesn’t work, offer them a promotion. If they’re the ambitious arse-lickers you say that will keep them in line.

If all else fails, salvage some self-respect by accepting responsibility for the situation. It might involve walking away from your job, but by the sounds of it that could make everyone, including yourself, much happier.

I trust you have a competent successor in place should you resign? You wouldn’t want to leave an even worse person in charge to clear up your mess. That would be really depressing for everyone.

Hope that helps!


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Ever fancied driving a train? Want to drive one today? Go for it!

By the government

ONCE again the union barons are holding us to ransom, dragging us back to the 1970s with their Marxist demands. If you feel as disgusted as we do, here’s how you can help.

Ever fancied driving a train? Let us, the government, give you the chance. Don’t worry, it’s like riding a bike, except it weighs 200 tonnes and can easily cause hundreds of deaths.

It’s piss-easy – you push the lever forward when you go, you pull it back to stop. That’s it. ‘£52,000 a year for this?’ you’re thinking. We know, we know.

Sure, they say you should train for two years because it’s ‘dangerous’ if you’re not fully qualified, but that’s just the Health and Safety gnomes gone mad. Britain used to lead the world in industrial accidents. Now look at us, wetting our petticoats over a little multiple derailment.

But you’re not. And for a cool £9.50 an hour you’ll test yourself to the limit, like the badass muthaf**ker you are.

Don’t be put off by Mick ‘Thunderbird Puppet’ Lynch. Train driving isn’t about boring union meetings and checking oil levels, it’s about the thrill. Ignore signals, it’s more exciting that way. Plus they’re all broken these days. Push the lever to the max and plough on to Charing Cross. Just remember to stop. It’s easy – you’ll see the far wall of the terminal rushing toward you at 125mph.

Yes, there will be fatalities but as with Covid we have to take that on the chin for the sake of the economy. Is Maverick in Top Gun 2 scared of death? No. And that’s how you should see yourself – as a fictional, risk-taking fighter pilot.

So what are you waiting for? A train? It’s waiting for you, mate, you’re the driver!