Sunday, 25th October 2020

87 percent of Tory voters admit they would gladly vote for Mussolini

ALMOST 90 percent of Conservative voters would happily vote for Benito Mussolini if he was a Tory and still alive.

The Institute for Studies found that Mussolini would have won by a vast majority in most cities in England if he had a catchy slogan and he just upped his fascism a bit.

Working class Tory voter Martin Bishop said: “I know people talk about huim making the train run on time, but he did also kill lots of  people. Which is the kind of attitude that we need to really get Brexit done.

“It’s a worthwhile price to pay to get our bendy bananas back.”

Donna Sheridan, from Bolsover, added: “I wouldn’t have voted for Hitler or Idi Amin. That’s a bit much. But Mussolini would have been fine.”