Brexit brainstorm comes up with idea of staying in Europe

A BREXIT brainstorming session has come up with the idea of boosting the UK’s economy by remaining in the EU. 

The entire Conservative cabinet was brought together to think of new and radical approaches to Brexit by prime minister Theresa May, who told everyone that there are no bad ideas and everything is on the table. 

Brexit secretary David Davis said: “It was 2am when Liam Fox said ‘If we need to be in the single market and we need freedom of movement, why don’t we join the EU?’

“Unfortunately we realised that, post-Brexit, there’s no way we’d meet the criteria – the country will be a wreck – but as we haven’t actually left yet we can simply stay in. 

“Also, we worked out how to eliminate all the thorny problems of juggling private healthcare providers by creating a state-run, state-owned health service. 

“We should have these brainstorms more often. Really gets you thinking out of the box.” 

Theresa May said: “Brexit means Brexit, and Brexit means continuing as a full member of the EU. What?”