Sunday, 7th June 2020

Brexit now bigger mess than Stone Roses second album

BRITONS fear Brexit and its eventual delivery will be a disjointed mess that will make the Stone Roses’ Second Coming seem good

With the UK’s separation with the EU heavily compromised by internal disagreements and only happening as a result of contractual obligation, parallels with the Manchester band’s hugely disappointing second album have become impossible to avoid.

Brexit and Stone Roses fan Steve Malley said: “When you wait too long and build something up it’s inevitably a let-down, and doubly so when it’s actually shit.

“Yes, there will be a few bits everyone can get behind – Love Spreads and Tightrope for the Roses, no ‘ever closer union’ or Romanians for the Tories – but I fear it’ll have a similarly divisive effect.

“And, as with the album, once Brexit’s delivered its creators will tear each other apart culminating in an woeful performance at Reading Festival that sees the Tories split for good.”

He added: “Yeah you thought Second Coming was alright at the time. Don’t put it on now. You’ll be in for a very unpleasant shock.”