Friday, 30th October 2020

Britain scores the highest death toll in Europe and still the whinging carpers have nothing positive to say, by Dominic Raab

by Dominic Raab, foreign secretary

IS it impossible for the Left to be positive? Are they so blinded by ideology they can’t recognise this government’s achievements? 

Yesterday, the UK’s death toll exceeded any in Europe. The Italians, the Spanish, and by magnitudes the Germans. The leftist lie that there is no British exceptionalism has been well and truly exposed. 

Yet still, as I announce this news, all I hear is griping. Tests, hospitals, PPE. Why can’t we for one moment recognise that we have come top? 

The EU is amazed at our achievement. Across 27 countries they’re watching and learning from our example. 

‘We had all the advantages’, they say. ‘We saw what was coming.’ Yes we did, and we made the very British most of it. But the Quislings here still moan. 

You wanted the deaths from care homes added? I did it. Greece has thousands of pensioners they’re still classifying as ‘having a good long sleep’. We’re penalised for doing a proper job. 

We are the only nation in Europe whose leader has not only contracted COVID-19, but been in intensive care with it. Those others should hang their heads in shame.

This isn’t a competition. Numbers don’t matter, apart from when I pretended I’d hit my test target last Friday and the media went along with it because I’d tried. 

But for now, let’s take a second to salute this first win in Europe since Katrina and the Waves in 1997. And I promise you this. After Brexit, this will look like nothing.