Osborne admits to being pathetic idiot who genuinely thought UKIP could win more than three seats

GEORGE Osborne has admitted to being a political idiot.

The former chancellor said that, in retrospect, his commitment to a Brexit referendum was based on the utterly cretinous belief that UKIP were somehow going to become a major force in the House of Commons.

He told the BBC: “David Cameron and I got all worked up and came to this completely moronic conclusion that loads of Tory seats were under threat from this bunch of psychopaths.

“We then got lots of other morons in the Conservative Party to confirm our ludicrous point of view and thus the referendum commitment came to pass.”

Osborne added: “You have to wonder about all these people paying me huge amounts of money to do various jobs.

“It’s as if the world is run by a collection of unaccountable imbeciles.”