Second referendum would ‘break faith with people who want me executed’, says May

THE prime minister has warned that a second referendum would ‘break faith’ with those members of the British public who want her executed as a traitor. 

Theresa May has urged parliament not to damage Britain’s democracy by going against the wishes of people openly calling for a military coup. 

She continued: “In order to appease the small minority who genuinely believe I am a treasonous secret Remainer working with the EU to betray Britain, the whole country must be denied a vote. 

“There is no way I can simultaneously honour the wishes of rabid Daily Mail commentators insisting I, and my government, be locked in the Tower and all the sane people, so I must choose the former. 

“To do so would be to undermine democracy, as it would be to investigate Russian attempts to undermine our democracy which is why I have refused to do so. 

“Brexit is going ahead because it is the will of the people. If it is also the will of the people that I be hung, drawn and quartered then we can discuss that too.” 

Brexiter Norman Steele said: “I know it’s my role to go even more extreme at this point but I’m not sure where to go.”