Wednesday, 28th October 2020

The Daily Mail guide to Corbyn's Communist Britain

IF Jeremy Corbyn wins the election, which he won’t but we have to pretend he might so everyone votes Tory, the UK will be fully communist by the weekend. Here’s how it will affect you: 

Your pension

There’s nothing communist about being looked after by the state after a lifetime of hard work. But Corbyn wants your pension to redistribute to the undeserving young, unemployed and destitute, leaving you sleeping rough in your four-bedroom home. Fear him.

Garden centres

Dobbies is the playground of the bourgeoisie, but Corbyn can’t shut them outright because he’s supposedly green. Instead he’ll turn them into a chain of gulags, forcing poor hard-working senior citizens to spend the rest of their lives fussing over hyacinths and dead-heading roses like slaves.

Post offices

A Labour victory will mean a renationalised Royal Mail, queues out of the door at post offices and surly, unhelpful postmen trying to slip cards through your door rather than deliver your parcel. A fate worse than death.


Remember how evil British Rail was? The unfairness of a system where fares didn’t increase by ten per cent a year? Corbyn wants to bring that terrible time back, just when privatisation’s finding its feet 25 years after it began. If you remember the old days as good old days, you have become confused.


Comrade Corbyn and his chums will ban straight people and force people to enter into state-sanctioned marriages with people of the same sex. Or make everyone to change sex altogether. It’s impossible, makes no sense and isn’t even real, but that shouldn’t stop you being terrified of it and voting Tory.