Friday, 7th May 2021

Sunak fans worried he might be a Tory

FANS of ‘Dishy Rishi’ Sunak are beginning to wonder if their hero harbours Conservative sympathies.

The chancellor’s many new admirers initially saw him as the saviour of furloughed workers who generously gave everyone free or cut-price meals, like Jesus but with Nando’s chicken.

However Sunak’s recent comments saying people cannot put their feet up forever and that the entire artistic community may have to get jobs in Asda have concerned some of his fans.

Lauren Hewitt said: “I thought Rishi was the Robin Hood of our times. But now he seems to be suggesting I have to go back to work in the middle of a plague and not play with my cat all day.

“I still can’t believe he’s some awful Tory who only cares about money and his career. It’s probably just a big mix-up and tomorrow he’ll announce that everyone can get a free cake delivered every day.”

Tom Logan, who recently had his chest tattooed with images of Sunak and Che Guevara, said: “I suppose the fact that he was part of a team of hedge fund managers who shared nearly £100m profit on the back of the 2008 banking crisis should have been a clue.

“Is he really a Tory though? I know he’s the chancellor in a basically evil Conservative government, but maybe he took one of the most senior jobs in the country by mistake. I’m sure it happens all the time.”