Man inexplicably into American sports

A MAN is a devoted fan of American sports and nobody has the slightest idea why.

Tom Logan enthusiastically supports teams like the Chicago Pickpockets, the Alabama Fighting Hens and the Minnesota She-Devils despite having no good reason to do so.

Not only was Logan born and brought up outside Colchester, he has also never visited America and is not into other American things like line dancing bollocks.

Logan’s partner Nikki Hollis said: “Tom spends all his time on forums arguing about sports happening in a place he doesn’t live. From what I’ve seen they are also extremely boring.

“I don’t know much about sport, but I know this is ridiculous. Also if I’m going to be forced to watch American ‘football’ I wish the players would bloody get on with it and not keep stopping every 30 seconds.”

Logan said: “I love staying up until three in the morning to watch minor league baseball then having to explain why over and over again the next day.

“I particularly enjoy telling people about the incredibly complicated rules. I feel that makes me quite interesting.”