Australian cricket’s strong tradition of feminism under threat

AUSTRALIAN cricket is reeling in shock after a player behaved in a sexist way for the first time in its 200-year history. 

Cricketer Chris Gayle’s on-field proposition to a female reporter has left the sport, which has been promoting feminism on the continent since the 1800s, wondering whether it can carry on. 

Bill McKay, president of Cricket Australia, said: “This is real blow, particularly after losing the Ashes, which symbolises the burning of the patriarchal structure of oppression.

“I’ve talked to a few of our veterans – Shane Warne, Merv Hughes, Dr Clive Gibbons – and they agreed they’ve never heard of a sheila being treated this way. “

He added: “We were so close to tearing down the archaic gender system, which was the founding principle of the Big Bash League in the first place.”