Country split down the middle on whether Vardy should start for England

THE debate over whether Leicester’s Jamie Vardy should start on the left of a three-man attack has left the nation sharply divided.

Weeks of increasingly bitter argument have seen half the nation demand that Vardy be played as a wide forward in an adapted 4-3-3, while the remainder insists he is most useful coming off the bench to run at tired defences.

Anti-Vardy spokesman Bill McKay said: “All experts agree that Vardy is best as a substitute. Daniel Sturridge should start against Iceland, and anyone who denies that is intentionally misleading the public.”

Pro-Vardy opponent Tom Booker said: “We should have faith in our traditional, old-fashioned strikers. I’m being made a pariah just for speaking my mind.”

The row has ended friendships and divided families. Booker’s partner Janet said: “I mentioned that Vardy was yet to prove his class at international level and Tom told me I’d been brainwashed by pro-Liverpool elites.

“When I tried to argue that Vardy had only had one good season, Tom said I was betraying the land my ancestors fought and died for.

“I just hope all this is over soon, and we can all come together over how Ross Barkley is a waste of space who shouldn’t be near the squad.”