Man leaving office early to watch football that isn’t on until 7pm

A MAN has announced he will be leaving the office at lunchtime to watch the game, even though it begins at 7pm. 

Tom Logan informed his boss that he will be going home at 12.30pm ‘for the match’, which she accepted until realising it would not begin for a further six hours. 

Line manager Helen Archer said: “He does this every four years and I was like ‘whatever’ until I realised that this time it’s practically in Europe and on at a perfectly normal time. 

“You don’t get to bugger off early just because it’s England. That’s not a thing.  And he only lives five minutes away. He’s always home in time for Pointless.” 

Logan said: “I’ve only come in at all as a favour. Legally you don’t have to when there’s an England game. 

“Nobody’s going to object if I have a beer at my desk, are they? It’s almost half-eleven after all.” 

He added: “I don’t even like football.”