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'Baby on Board' stickers dissuade drivers from deliberately crashing into car ahead

A STICKER saying a car contains an infant can stop people deciding to drive into the back of it, it has emerged.

28-year-old motorist Tom Logan was about to drive his Volkswagen into the back of a car purely for amusement value, when he noticed a ‘Baby on Board’ notice.

He said: “Like so many drivers, I like to crash into other cars on purpose and for no reason.

“On this particular occasion I was returning from work in a bit of a crashy mood, and resolved to smack my vehicle into the rear of the car in front of me quite hard.

“However just as I began accelerating with a glazed look in my eyes, I spotted the bright yellow sign.

“Realising that a car accident would at the very least have woken a baby from its slumber, I was able to swerve off course in the nick of time towards an oncoming lorry which did not appear to contain babies.

“Both vehicles were written off, I got the collision I’d been hoping for and no babies were disturbed in the process.”